The first step towards digitization and automation of processes

Smart watches allow staff to quickly solve customer questions, thereby increasing the quality of service. This agility promotes greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Improving the movement and communication of employees

Nivy Watch helps monitor employees in zones, identify their movements, increases work efficiency and improves work processes and systems.


Task management system integrating workers into automated company processes


Improving staff workflow and health-care equipment management


How it works?



The NIVY Team

Our team is here to help you start collecting data as easy and quickly as possible. Get in touch and we can help you decide how many beacons you need and give you some advise on how to use your data efficiently.

The Pilot

Your Starter Kit arrives a few days after ordering and is perfect for creating a small pilot project. Put the beacons in the correct areas and turn the watch on, within hours you will data streaming in!





Let’s Deploy

Of course you love all the wonderful data and you are ready to deploy NIVY Watch to your entire crew. The NIVY Team will help put together the Data Factory and the hardware.

The Delivery

The NIVY Watch team have been working hard to get your hardware boxed up and ready to go. Today is the day those fancy NIVY Industrial boxes arrive at your door. Get the rest of the beacons set up and give the watches to your team!





Data Simplified

After a few weeks of collecting data, you will be ready to get stuck into some deep analysis. NIVY provides you all the tools to get connected to existing systems and start making business improvements.

The Broken Watch

After using the watches for a solid 6 months, one of them has started to show signs of damage but don’t fear, NIVY is here! With a real 1 year business warranty we get it fixed polished and sent back in record time. A real industrial service for a real industrial watch.





Let’s Add More

Like all good things, it is hard to get enough! Your whole team loves their NIVY Watch and employee data has never been so easy. We make expansion easy! You can order more devices at any time that arrive pre-configured and ready-to-go.

Data analysis

  • All collected data are stored in the cloud database.
  • Possibility to connect to BI tools for specialized analysis.
  • Detected defects help to increase productivity of individuals or the entire company.

Data management

  • Data views and charts of collected and real-time data
  • Actual positions/activities of employees
  • Area sessions analysis per current day/week/month
  • Dashboard of the most common work activities
  • System configuration and remote watch management

Indoor positioning

  • System of Bluetooth beacons
  • Easy installation, no cables
  • Areas – set of beacons covering specific section/department
  • Area session – describes contextual work activities of watch user

Social distancing

  • Monitoring of occurrence of other watches for a specified near distance
  • All collected data are stored in DataFactory for further analysis
  • Covid protection: In case of infection, all potentially infected colleagues can be identified

Optimal work processes

  • Identified across locations and time periods important analytics such as neglected areas, points of interest, overcrowded space, employee count, performance.
  • Help to suggest the most optimal work processes (employee routes, layout, zones, activity).

Work Activity

  • Monitor worker activities (such as steps, distance, indoor positioning, etc.) that can be used to identify possible areas for enhancing employee productivity.


  • Can be applied based on location positioning (beacons) or work activity patterns (accelerometer).
  • The app links all the work activities with time stamps and sends all the captured data to the NIVY Data Factory.


  • Monitoring daily habits and processes is an effective way to maximize productivity.
  • The data can be collected in an anonymous or personalized mode to fulfill all GDPR and other local authority requirements for personal data manipulation.

Instant messaging

  • Manager to employee messaging through DataFactory or Mobile App.
  • Configurable answer as a list of values.
  • Employee to manager messages through pre-defined area context set of texts.
  • New message alerts in Mobile App for managers.


  • The watch can also raise an alert if an employee appears within a set distance from a specific region — help increase work safety in dangerous areas.
  • Collected data identifying the proximity between individual watches allows an effective social distancing solution for the coronavirus spreading, with the retrospective identification of potentially infected employees.


  • The watch can also be used to report the current work or by requesting a job from a manager or colleague (ie the need to add dairy products to the shelves).
  • A simple checklist can be used for various purposes (e.g. to check the condition of the shelves at the end of the shift).

Process improvements

  • Data alone can have substantial value, when combined with production data, comapnies can identify areas with a potential for work process improvements.

Feel free to discuss your scenario with us